L to R: Neela Bhatia, Bharati Gandhi, Beena Modak, Kiran Malkani

Bharati Gandhi

Bharati Gandhi is the President and founder trustee of Kshitij. With B.Sc. and LLB degrees, she started her social work journey of over 30 years as a volunteer in the Learning & Disability department of Sadhana school.

At Kshitij, she is primarily responsible for Strategic Partnerships & Public Relations with key stakeholders. Her passion for “all things Kshitij”, makes her a 24/7 flag bearer of Kshitij and it’s products.

She is ever exploring opportunities to talk about Kshitij with potential collaborators, even when on vacations, and always raising the bar on awareness and sales of it’s products. Bharati’s love for ” Bonsai cultivation” is only a close second to her passion for Kshitij.

Kiran Malkani

Kiran Malkani, founder trustee, is a mathematician by qualification with a creative bent of mind. She has also completed an advanced workshop course, on therapy for special needs people, from a US based therapist.

At Kshitij, she handles finance and costing and is also involved in the designing of products. In the early days, to introduce stencil painting in Kshitij, thanks to her focus and dexterity, she painstakingly carved & handmade the stencils herself, spending hours together, so that the children could learn the art.

Her ability to stay positive in the most adverse times and find a way forward is a quality everyone admires.
Being an accomplished tailor herself, she also runs a successful niche tailoring boutique.

Beena Modak

With a B.A. in English Literature, MSW from Nirmala Niketan and a diploma in Special Education from Spastics Society of India (ADAPT), Beena is one of the founding trustees of Kshitij.

She helms several responsibilities at Kshitij, that include a gamut of administrative responsibilities, counselling of wards as well as parents. After undergoing an intensive specialized training in autism , she was instrumental in introducing therapy programmes for autistic wards as well as training future trainers in Kshitij . She is also the main liaison person for Kshitij with Govt. and statutory bodies like the Municipal corporation.

Being a thought leader on autism, she is regularly invited for discussions on various industry platforms and forums on disability and in particular, autism. She is also the co-founder of Forum for Autism.

Neela Bhatia

Neela Bhatia is an epitome of an “ideal hands on parent” and an inspiration and role model to other parents of differently abled children.

Her life has focused around her daughter, Radhika. Thanks to her infallible and consistent efforts over the years, Radhika, is now a every smiling and confident young lady. She is also a special Olympics swimmer.

The rest of Neela’s time is dedicated to Kshitij. Having done a specialized certificate course in Early Education from Sophia college, Mumbai, Neela is closely associated with the day-to-day working of the organization. She is the guiding light to both children and teachers, in all “design elements” of Kshitij products. Her calm and polite deminor and a sharp business sense make her the “go to person” for staff as well as major stakeholders within and outside Kshitij.


Anil Mehta

Mahesh Gandhi

Tushar Shah


The teachers are the biggest strength, patiently working with the adults in helping them overcome their challenges and teaching vocational and life-skills.

Standing from left to right: Vidya Samel, Krunal Gharat, Kinnari Sanghavi, Priyanka Basuraja, Bharti Dhruv, Bhavana Kalangutkar, Meena Maladkar. Sitting from left to right: Anisha Fernandes and Sharmila Bhagtani.


Meenakshi Rane

Admin Officer and Accountant

Archana Sinha

Program Manager


Rajiv Jain & Sandhya Kandhari Jain

Rajiv Jain is a coach, mentor and consultant to businesses, startups and NGOs. He is a key strategic advisor at Kshitij assisting the trustees in shaping the future direction, milestones and goals of Kshitij while enhancing processes and systems. 

Sandhya Kandhari Jain, has been associated with reputed NGOs for the last 25 years at various locations across the country. At Kshitij, she anchors manpower recruitment, assists in documentation & report writing besides volunteering at exhibitions. Sandhya is a strong source of philosophical and emotional support for Kshitij. As part of the newly formed Management Committee at Kshitij, she helps in streamlining the internal processes, reviewing policies and resolving issues to ensure smooth functioning of the organisation. 

Anil Chandiramani

Anil Chandiramani is a graduate of IIT, Delhi and has been in the corporate sector in India and Nigeria for over 40 years. Anil is also a qualified Life and Leadership coach as per ICF.

Anil has been volunteering at Kshitij for over 10 years as an advisor, helping the organisation get orders for their products, logistics and providing emotional support.

Mansha Hiranandani

Mansha Hiranandani is a Special Educator with B.D. Somani International School. A Bcom graduate, a PG diploma holder in Computer Science and a Diploma in Integrative Counselling, she has had exposure to diverse work culture, having worked in 3 different countries, before relocating to Mumbai.

She identifies herself closely with the vision & objectives of Kshitij. Her rich & diverse experience in the corporate world & in the field of education & counselling makes her a valuable addition to the Managing Committee of Kshitij. Her ability to think objectively and act passionately , even in the most adverse situations will be important to Kshitij’s progression to a more professional setup.

Sanjay Puthli

‌Sanjay is a post graduate in marketing (DMM) from Jamnalal Bajaj institute of Management Studies and holds an Advanced Strategic Management certification from Chicago Business School, Singapore and an Advanced General Management program certification from Dale Carnegie Institute of Management .

‌He has been a Broadcast and Media professional and worked in leadership positions for Global Broadcasters like Disney, ESPN and MTV Networks, in Bombay and Singapore. Having a son with special needs, he has chosen to dedicate his time and expertise to Kshitij.

‌As a Managing Committee member, he provides strategic direction on multiple fronts with the objective to take Kshitij to the next level. He takes a lot of personal interest in it’s operations, to contribute towards the smooth and efficient functioning of Kshitij and considers working alongside a team of very formidable ladies, a privilege.